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So game day arrives, it ends up in a fight and those two have been suspended and must not worked together at a youth center coaching some kids.

What's great about this book is that it isn't all about football, you'd be shocked to read how sweet some parts can be.

In this installment, we are gifted with Simeon Boudreaux story.

We got pieces of him in Illegal Contact, but nothing like being the center of your story.

So if you can swoon over two sexy males, getting hot with each other, and I mean HOT then you don't want to miss out on reading this series.

Hassell does not hold back and paints a real clear picture of what is happening in his books.

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How will working together for several weeks impact the relationship between Simeon and Adrian while on suspension?CAST Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday) Alison Pill (Milk) Megan Fox (Jennifer’s Body) Adam Garcia (Kangaroo Jack) Eli Marienthal (American Pie) Glenne Headly (Dick Tracy) Carol Kane (Gotham) Sheila Mc Carthy (The Day After Tomorrow) Tom Mc Camus (Mutant X) Mary Elizabeth “Lola” Steppe (Lindsay Lohan) is a 15-year-old girl who grew up in New York City and wants desperately to be a famous Broadway actress. Much to her annoyance, she moves with her family to the suburbs of Dellwood, New Jersey, but she confidently tells the audience, “A legend is about to be born.That legend would be me.” At school, Lola makes friends with an unpopular girl, Ella Gerard (Alison Pill), who shares her love for the rock band Sidarthur.Simeon is the sexy QB that is on every one's radar.We find out in Illegal Contact, that he was finally outed as being gay when he made the mistake one night out at a club to trust the people he was having way to much fun with.

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