Online dating app nzx

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Whether it’s for a good time or a long time is up to you to determine. The juggernaut Tinder has more than 10 million users worldwide – in New Zealand more than 5 percent of us are using the app.

And for some, it’s proven the kindling that fired up a blazing new relationship.

But people want to feel earned, not picked from a shelf.

Sure, it’s great to have the shelf brought to you on a regular basis so you can enjoy the simple pleasure of a good browse, but if the object of your desires is a life partner, you can’t shortcut or trivialise the courtship.” So how is it different?

Using your phone’s location services, the app shows you who’s single and open to being approached within 50 metres of where you’re standing (and, of course, also using Pozee, presumably).

“When you eliminate the uncertainty about whether another person is single and open to being approached, you eliminate a large part of the fear of rejection that often holds people back,” says Joanna.

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