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Playing Naruo requires you to embrace the Japanese phrasenanakorobi yaoki which translates to 'perseverance is better than defeat'.

The Japanese occasionally adapt a close variation of an English word to describe something.

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The course has tiny greens, most are elevated and as is typical on an Alison designed course, well bunkered.

Naruo Golf Club is one of the most historic courses in the whole of Japan that has 2,400 courses in total.

It features small Kourai (Japanese lawn grass) greens.

You had better carry over the wide bunker 50 – 60 yards from the center of the green, and then you can have an easier approach shot to the pin from a flat lie even if you don’t hit the green in regulation.

If you are short of the flat area, even if only slightly, the next approach shot will be difficult because the ball will roll back down to the bottom of the steep slope or will be caught in a bunker where a long bunker shot is needed.

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