Kangta and lee soo young dating scandal

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Shin Ae's entertainment managment has said that, "Shin Ae has a type of personality where most people can get friendly with her quickly." They also said that Hwan Hee has lots of star friends also."They could be mistakened as a couple because of their close friendship." Hwanhee's entertainment management has also said that, "it's nothing more that friendship.During June, both were seen at the Seoul Theater watching a movie and playing sports beside a river, and close ties of the star industry witnessed their date.Shin Ae and Hwan Hee's scandal has been spreading rapidly since last February.When Hwan Hee attended fashion designer Song Ji Ho's fashion show as a model at Seoul White Hotel Grand Ballroom on Febryary 22, Shin Ae came as a guest.At the fashion show, Shin Ae sat in the front to see Hwan Hee's modeling performance.They have kept in contact despite the objections, and have looked after eachother.Kim Hyun Joo is living alone with her mom while her younger brother is in the army.

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This scandal has spread across the star industry rapidly since then.전형화 기자 [email protected] Korean celebrities are so good at hiding their relationships. m=7&y=2003[07.25] So Ji Sub and Kim Hyun Joo's heartbreaking love Former star couple Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub had one year of heartbreaking love that faced many obstacles.Imagine, they have been dating for 2 years and it didn't leak out. It's not that easy because YEH's management company is very strict. Kim Hyun Joo and So Ji Sub were a couple that would have definitely gotten married, but there have been obstacles that have tested their relationship.Kang Ho Dong and his girlfriend finally went public with their relationship after secretly dating for 2 years. The couple finally revealed that they are both planning to get married in 2 months.Their age gap is 9 years.개그맨 겸 MC 강호동의 피앙세 얼굴이 공개됐다.강호동 소속사 팬텀은 24일 오후 보도자료를 통해 강호동과 백년가약을 맺는 이효진씨의 사진을 공개했다.

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