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But that agency couldn’t confirm if that’s the case with the images Clemans shared.More Hong Kong men are falling prey to sex chat scams, police warned, as the number of cybersex-related blackmail cases rose sharply this year.The force might turn to Interpol to bring the scammers to justice.In May last year, police in the Philippines arrested 58 people involved in a global sextortion ring that snared more than 600 Hongkongers in a span of two years.

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It took as little as five minutes to trap the target.The latest police figures show there were 766 ‘sextortion’ cases in the first nine months of this year.Nearly all victims were male, with ages ranging from 14 to 66."I want to send a message to the online predators out there," Scott said. We're going to find you and you're going to find a nice place where Mr.Clemans has to spend the rest of his life." The FBI says often times there are spinoff investigations when dealing with cases where thousands of child pornography images are involved.

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