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She confronts Kasumi, who is in danger of being raped by the crowd and helps ...(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Hitomi runs a small lonely house With the help of her daughter Tomoyo, she always welcomes guests with her busy schedule.

In such a process, he was forced by a girlfriend ...

The two men and the beasts life does not deserve a job after graduating from college buddy.

Kim seemed bold and seemingly hotang but grew up listening only to the patriarchal and always scolding stubborn father.

The shop is always crowded with guests who like Hitomi who is kind to the beauty. Housewife Housewife Good couple marriage and Akira.

Gow also wants to get close to Hitomi, but he does not get it. The couple who enjoy business affairs in their restaurant Break time markers as usual and share intense affairs in the shop.

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