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Move To be honest, we think this might be on the cards because their address is so easily available on the Internet that surely they don't feel happy staying there?But keeping things on the down low with a potential new future home will be the key.Get better security Let's be real, Zoe and Alfie are worth millions.And it's clear their current home doesn't have enough security.It's been pretty quiet on the Zalfie front over the last week or so after the couple hit out at fans for turning up at their house.After their tweets, international media and long time fans alike had strong opinions on the pair and their plead for privacy- we even wrote about it ourselves.

So now it seems the entire world know where the pair live, it's kind of only expected that more fans will turn up.Although Zoe and Alfie have previously never revealed their address (apart from Alfie's recent Twitter incident), they've made it fairly easy to find their address.When it came to Zoe's flat, she often filmed by the beautiful windows which looked out onto the sea; local fans were quick to spot the exact location thanks to the building's unique architecture.Of course, Zoe and Alfie utterly deserve privacy and peace in their own home but previous attempts to discourage fans from dropping by haven't worked. PR Training As much as we like to think of Zoe and Alfie as our digital BFFs, they're actually MAJOR celebrities.Zoe has previously tweeted about people ringing the doorbell to her seafront flat and later accidentally uploaded a vlog which contained a shot of an envelope with her address on. Whilst the pair tend not to hit red carpets and events like Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman do, they're still subject to making headlines on an almost daily basis.

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