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CM Punk was offered a WWE try out, where he fought Val Venis in 2005 on Raw. Where he remained undefeated for months and quickly become the most popular superstar in the land of Extreme.

Later that year Punk was given a World Wrestling Entertainment contract and head off to the WWE. CM Punk quickly become the top star there, and even won there World Championship. At the 2006 Survivor Series Punk out shined his partners, by being cheered louder than his partners Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy.

The whole interview is almost 2 hours long -- Punk talks about wrestling with a staph infection for months ...

and how he threatened to sue the company over royalty payments.

In his teen years, Brooks become a highly disciplined fighter in kick boxing and karate.

Not knowing what to do with his life in his early twenties.

As ECW Champion, CM Punk continued to carry ECW, with victory's over Elijah Burke, John Morrison, The Miz, Big Daddy V and Chavo Guererro.

As of 2008, CM Punk is still the main force behind the success of ECW, as he successfully defends his Extreme Championship Wrestling Title. Stephanie Mc Mahon let CM Punk have it Sunday night ...

READ MORE UFC stud Mickey Gall says it was "an honor" to be spoofed by WWE after his fight with CM Punk -- but admits, it was probably meant to be a shot at the former wrestler.

Before starting a five month feud with the top bad guy of ECW, the self proclaimed Guru of Greatness John Morrison.

Their rivalry came to a climax in September of 2007 where CM Punk defeated Morrison to earn the ECW World Championship after a hard fought match.

This lifted CM Punk up through the WWE ranks high enough to become the top star of ECW.

Punk went onto disband the ECW group known as the New Breed, after defeating every single member of the group.

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