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Revelation and that except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

In many doctrines, it has been taught for years, that the Mark of the Beast would be a Tattoo, even taking it as far as believing that it may be a tattooed bar-code, which as we saw, could be said to contain an encrypted 666.

At the bottom of the pyramid, we can see the Letters MDCCLXXVI, which are the Roman numerals equivalent to 1776, which many believe are there to commemorate the independence of the United States; however, it is there because this was the year that the plan of the Illuminati for a New World Order would be set in motion on the ).

Something particular about this number at the bottom of the pyramid, is that if you separate the letters in three groups setting the first letter of each group at the top of the pyramid, we get the letters DCLXVI at the bottom of the pyramid, which are equivalent to 666.

The name is nowadays associated with several groups characterized by secrecy, all working together with one single goal and worshiping the same god.

Adam Weishaupt was taught by Jesuits and became a Freemason before starting the Illuminati.

Freemasonry and Illuminati are not one and the same, although Freemasonry basically has come to be under the umbrella of the Illuminati, by keeping the Freemasons who are in the lower ranks, in ignorance of their real goal and god, information which is kept secret by those in the 33rd degree, all this according to their own writings.

This became pretty much the only interpretation for such a statement found in the Book of Revelation, during a time of very few technological advances, therefore the only way for a person to imagine this Mark, was as a tattooed bar-code, making you nothing more than a product.

Although this last statement is truth, when it comes to a tattooed barcode, it would be pretty obvious for most people.

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